Blossom Aerospace is committed to continuous process improvement in both cost and quality.  Jobs are planned, produced, reviewed, and revised.  These reviews are performed monthly by the Blossom CPI team.  Inputs are gathered from production, programming, and inspection, focusing on manufacturing efficiency and product quality.  Suggestions are reviewed for feasibility at the close of each job and implemented during the planning phase of the next production lot. Savings generated through scrap reduction and improved manufacturing efficiency is passed on to the customer through reduced pricing.

 Blossom Aerospace’s maximum machining envelope is 120” in the X-Axis and 40” in the Y-Axis for both 3 and 5-Axis machining.  We utilize dependable, late model equipment for both heavy cutting as well as high speed machining.  Our staff consists of 43 employees utilizing 22 CNC machining centers and several support mills.  For a detailed listing of work centers, click on the Equipment link.